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Career Advancement Through Online Project Management Training

Companies, organizations and even individuals have a lot to gain from online project management training. It’s more important than ever for streamlined project initiatives to be adopted by companies and organizations.

Daily business functions have become increasingly more complex in recent years. Professionals are recognizing the demand for project management experience in today’s job market. This is why many professionals are pursuing career development courses that will foster their project management skills.

For a professional that is seeking employment or career advancement, completing online project management training is one way to show prospective employers that you are fully capable of implementing effective measures of project management and problem resolution.

Courses online have essentially brought classroom and textbook courses into our living rooms – even coffee shops – at any time of the day or night. You can generally find two types of online project management training:

1. Live Interactive Training: These courses are facilitated by an instructor in real time. This means that students are usually required to be at their computers at the time of the training course. There could be some exceptions or video courses but the general idea of live interactive training is for students to interact with their trainer, instructor and classmates, simulating a real-life classroom experience.

2. Independent Based Training: These self-contained courses are available online 24/7 and can be accessed by students from any location with Internet connectivity at any time of the day or night.

One advantage to this type of project management training is students have the ability to jump to whatever training they need the most. There is no course schedule that has to be completed in a synchronized order. You can skip through a section you’re already familiar with in favor of another section you need help with. And, there is still plenty of room for interaction, as you’re not totally alone despite the independence. There is generally someone available for on demand instant messaging or email assistance whenever a problem or question arises.

Let’s briefly compare the benefits of online project management training to other more traditional means of training:

Online Project Management Training vs. Classroom Training

One particular advantage of traditional classroom training is students share a physical space with their classmates and, more importantly, their course instructor.

While there is sometimes nothing better than completing training and coursework from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with a wireless connection, it can sometimes come with many distractions. Classroom training limits some of these distractions allowing for greater concentration on the instruction and training.

However, despite that advantage, classroom training also has multiple disadvantages when compared to online project management training. For example, attending a classroom will usually involve paying a relatively high up front cost, a commute to and from class, adjusting your schedule at work, and sacrificing time generally put aside for friends, family, leisure, a hobby, or commitments like working out at the gym.

Ultimately, when comparing these two forms of training, Internet courses have more of an upside due to the basic factor of convenience.

Online Project Management Training vs. Mobile Device Training

More and more people today are using their BlackBerrys and iPods for virtual training. Mobile devices are a great complement to other training methods; however, there are limitations when used as the main source of training. Project management training on the Internet provides a much more interactive learning experience.

Online Project Management Training vs. Textbook Project Training

In recent decades, with the advent of the Internet, books have gone from a primary source of educating to something best used to complement other more modern methods of education.

Textbooks still have very strong content and a logical organization of that content. But project management training online once again provides a greater and more instantly gratifying means of interactive learning. Online project management training is a multi-modal means of education, which means it holds interest much longer than other methods of training because both visual and auditory senses are stimulated.

Online project management training is the best solution to any company, organization or professional that wants to learn how to analyze and resolve the problems impacting businesses today. When compared to other more traditional ways of training, you simply cannot top the convenience of online project management training.

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